SAP ACT200 Agile Project Delivery

This workshop has specifically been set-up to enable more project managers and consultants to (a) embed Agile in the project approach already from the bids (as far as it makes sense) and (b) use the Agile approach effectively in our projects.

After completion of this Agile Workshop participants are expected to act as Agile multipliers within their MU.

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Business Process Owner, Team Lead, Power User Business Analyst, Business Process Architect, Change Manager, Project Manager, Application Consultant, Technology Consultant, Developer Consultant, Enterprise Architect, Solution Architect.

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  • Reading of The Scrum Guide.  The Agile Scrum Guide is available in multiple languages here :


  •  Experience with SAP project implementations  
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  • Assess if Agile is good fit for a Customer, based on Customer’s and project’s specifics
  • Work in an Agile project and fulfill the responsibilities for your Agile role(s)
  • Contribute in an Agile SAP solution implementation project with SAP Activate
  • Use SAP Activate accelerators that helps you successfully implement SAP solutions in an Agile way
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  • What is Agile? Why are agile teams more successful?
  • What is Scrum?
  • How to successfully use Agile/Scrum for an SAP implementation project?
  • How is Agile integrated into SAP Activate Methodology (including RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Private edition implementation roadmap) and where methodology accelerators can be found?
  • What are the key roles in an Agile team?
  • What are the critical success factors for an Agile SAP implementation project?
  • How to apply Agile practices in a large project, when working with multiple teams?
  • How to plan Sprints and Releases for an SAP Agile implementation?
  • How to prioritize and break up requirements so that experts are implementing the solution in a customer centric and accelerated time to value approach?
  • The essentials of Agile estimation and how you can use it for your SAP Agile implementation project.
  • The essentials of successful Agile Project Management, self-organized teams, delegated and distributed leadership.
  • The Agile basis for maximizing the customer value realization.
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