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Half-life - opposing force

Hejza alle sammen.

Er der nogen der ved hvad man skal gøre ved det stor grønne monster ??? Jeg har fundet ud af at man skal skyde med en Laser-gun og så ramme øjnene, men det kan jeg jo blive ved med. Nogen der ved hvad man skal gøre ?????+
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Først skal du skyde den i øjet. Så åbner maven sig, så skal du skyde ind i maven på den, helst med noget eksplosivt.
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Du skal ramme henholdsvis det højre og det venstre øje med henholdsvis højre og venstre kanon. Når begge øjne er blevet ramt vil en portal åbne sig i maven på monsteret. Du skal derefter skyde så meget du overhovedet kan ind i denne portal indtil den lukker sig, hvorefter du gentager det hele.

Når du har ramt ind i portalen tilstrækkelig mange gange dør monsteret, men det er MANGE gange så du kan godt risikere at skulle skyde monsteret i øjnene op til 10 gange.
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En gentagelse af min, bartset fra jeg regnede men han selv kunne regne det med begge øjne ud.

Ellers se her:

Welcome To Black Mesa
1. In this first episode of Opposing Force you are flying into the Black Mesa Research Facility in New Mexico for an unspecified mission. It appears to be a very simple job, but the ride inbound quickly proves otherwise as immediately find yourself in serious trouble.
2. Quickly want to get on your feet and grab some weapons to defend yourself. There are interesting puzzles in this episode, but stay alert and begin to make your way to your extraction point. Look around as you are moving for you will not want to miss the events happening outside.
3. After waking up in the laboratory, listen to the scientist and head out to get your PCV vest. It is on a table in the area where the scientists are examining alien specimens. Soon a Zombie will throw a scientist through the window then begins to chase you. Don\'t let him catch you by surprise.
4. After getting your vest, head down to the area where a security guard is shooting a zombie. After he kills the zombie, talk to him and have him open the security doors. He will only open the doors if you have your vest.
5. After going through the door pick up the Pipe Wrench [check weapon\'s info] on the floor. This will be your primary weapon for a while to come.
6. You\'ll come across a lab room with lasers blocking your path. Crouch under the lasers, and then smash the mirror with the purple laser with the wrench. This starts a chain reaction that will deactivate the lasers and allow you to continue to the next area.
7. Continue through the hallways and head outside to the cliff face. You\'ll have to do some jumping to make your way to the exit door, and be sure to pick up the Knife [check weapon\'s info] by the dead Vortigaunt.
8. Once through the door, crawl through the hole in the rock and emerge outside where you\'ll find a downed Apache. You\'ll need to pass it to progress but first you\'ll have to turn off the power or you\'ll get electrocuted.
9. Head over to the area where the generators are fenced off, and watch as a security guard falls victim to a now-electrified fence. The power switch is behind those gates. Enter the vent and use your night vision to find your way through the vent and be sure not to get hit by the electricity [fatal] when you emerge inside the fenced area. Find the power switch, turn it off, and leave via the now unlocked gate. Pick up the 9mm Handgun [check weapon\'s info] on the floor next to the security guard before heading back.
10. Back at the chopper, listen to the radio, where you\'re told to make your way to the extraction point. Head underground via the nearby ladder, and continue until you run across a Vortigaunt. Shoot him, grab the Assault Shotgun [check weapon\'s info] next to the dead Marine, and continue.
11. In the next room disasters are about to happen so save before entering. As soon as you near what looks like the exit, everything starts to explode the floor starts breaking away, the room begins to fill with radioactive sludge, and the ladder leading out of the slime becomes electrified.
12. As soon the room starts to collapse run back to the entrance stay to the far right. Wait for the rest of the floor to collapse and a catwalk should drop in front of you. Go up and look around you\'ll see one of the beams has a window next to it, where the Marine will appear and open the exit door for you. Head across the beams and exit to safety.
13. Continuing downstairs, you\'ll reach a room flooded with more electrified sludge. Jump across and find the control room to operate the conveyor. Move the platform from right to left, and use the platform as a bridge for you to climb over. Look for a broken pipe in the wall and drop down further into the sewers. Swim around for a bit to find a ladder in the corner leading back up.
14. Emerge out to find yourself above a loading area flooded with yet more radioactive sludge. There\'s a drainage control below, but access to the lower area is cut off during loading, and the loader is currently stuck behind some crates.
15. Shoot the explosive crate, which allows the loader to finish its job and allow access below. Climb down and across the crates to the drainage control, and drain the room.
16. Open the door and head up the elevator, where you\'ll meet a few Houndeyes and an empty tramcar. Move the cart across the floor until it\'s directly in front of the tram, providing a bridge. Carefully jump into the tram, and it will automatically start up.

\"We are Pulling Out\"
1. Ride the tram as it begins to climb upward. Vortigaunts will appear outside so either stay low, or shoot them as they pop up. Once the tram docks get out and kill the remaining Vortigaunts that appear [there are quite a few].
2. A few steps away, you\'ll meet a chubby security guard having his hand stuck in a vending machine. Get him to follow you. There are a few aliens in the path so don\'t be between the guard and them.
3. Stop to the locked door. You\'ll see Barney and Walter [fellow Marines] chatting, who then get a rude surprise, which will shatter the glass window. Enter the room by the window, and unlock the door from the other side, allowing Otis in.
4. Continue along and break the glass if you\'d like to talk to the scientist inside the next room. While you\'re doing that, Otis will unlock a closet with MP5 grenades and ammo.
5. Hop on the platform at the end of the hall and head upward, where a marine is fighting a losing battle with some Vortigaunts. Finish the Vortigaunts and grab the MP5 Assault Rifle [check weapon\'s info] by the dead Marine\'s feet.
6. The door is locked, but there is a vent above the HEV charger. Use the crates to climb up, break the vent\'s opening, and travel through until you emerge at the extraction point.
7. Once in the base you will see the extraction helicopter waiting outside and a Marine waving at you to hurry. Collect as much as you can before proceeding you won\'t be able to retrace your steps shortly.
8. When you near the outside exit, the hangar door will suddenly close and the fire door that leads upstairs will also shut sealing you in while the helicopter takes off without you.
9. A few seconds later some Vortigaunts will break into your area. Eliminate them and escape through the opening one of aliens created when it broke into the area.

Missing in Action
1. This is one of the bigger and tougher levels of Opposing Forces. It\'s from this one that your mission begins to unfold.
2. Make your way through the pipe area until you reach a small clearing. More Vortigaunts appear then search the crates lying around. In the corner of this area are some stacked vent pipes providing access to a vent. Break the vent opening and climb in.
3. As you make your way through the vent, break the first opening in the vent floor that you see. Drop through, and you\'ll find yourself in a ceiling area.
4. Some of the ceiling tiles here are unstable and will collapse, sending you into the electrified water below. If you have night vision on then turn it off to spot the weak tiles [the ones with the slight discoloration]. I recommend that you save.
5. Walk across the beams supporting the fans to the opening on the other side. Drop down on the catwalk and continue until you are facing two more fans. Walk on the path directly between them and drop down to find yet a third set of two fans.
6. One of the fans here has only one blade, and a vent opening underneath it. Time your move correctly, and climb into and down the vent [I recommend a save here].
7. At the bottom of the vent, smash your way out and you\'ll emerge in a large furnace area. Time your movements and make your way to the far side. The door is locked, but thankfully, there\'s yet another vent to sneak into.
8. You\'ll emerge from the vent at a second set of furnaces. This time, you\'ll need to make your way to the furnace at the far left, and climb in when there\'s no fire blowing through [save here, I found it very tricky]. Before making your move, arm yourself and prepare to fight after running through.
9. You\'ll emerge at a third furnace area, where a group of zombies has set up a cozy little nest. Take out the zombies as quickly as possible and prepare for your next move.
10. It appears that you\'re trapped in the furnace area. Observe the ramp with \"test fire\" button on it. Above the furnace is a sign clearly stating \"do not block test fire area\" [the crates in the entire area are loaded with explosives]
11. One of them is movable. Place it in the furnace\'s test fire path. Press the button and stand back in the far corner [time your move]. The crates should all explode, ripping a huge hole in the floor, providing your escape path.
12. Drop down the hole and make your way down to the vent at the end. On the other side of the vent there is a spacious underground cavern area. Make your way down to a army truck and a dying marine and listen to his final words of warning.
13. Continue past the marine and down the ramp. Break every crate you can and eliminate all aliens in the area before pressing the button to open the garage door. The door on the right will open revealing more aliens. Lob in a few grenades and satchels.
14. In the garage search all the crates for one contains an RPG launcher.
15. Rounding the corner to encounter more aliens a very frightened scientist. Peer into the elevator shaft to see openings both high and low. The only way up is via a dangling cable [don\'t jump now for its electrified] so head downward.
16. Use the ladders on the walls to make your way downward and jump from the last one onto the roof of the crashed elevator. Climb across the elevator roof to the office floor.
17. Find your way around the office floor. Be careful of the wet floor and another dangling electric cable. Climb over the crates, find the power room, and turn the power off.
18. Head back to the elevator shaft and climb the ladders as high as you can go. You should be able to make an easy jump from here to the dangling. Climb the cable, and swing your way to the roof of the other elevator. Make your way across the roof of the elevator onto the office floor.
19. From here, you\'ll need to make your way across the office floor. You will need the metal crate on the floor. The first door you find is locked but there\'s a vent nearby. Use the crate to climb into it.
20. You\'ll see a scientist at the end of the vent but halfway through an explosion rips the vent in half. Climb out and onto the top of the broken vent, which allows you to climb back into the ventilation duct. Make your way to the scientist. Pick up the power cell next to him then drop down into the office floor.
21. Open the door behind you and reclaim your crate. Use it to climb over a pile of rubble next to an office. Once again you\'re faced with a locked door and a vent, but no crate to reach the vent. Break the glass in the office window and lob the grenade in. The entire office explodes and you can drag the crate around to access the next vent.
22. Drop down from the vent into the next office, where you\'ll find a scientist lying electrocuted on a table. Make your way around the hallway to a hole in floor, where you\'ll find yet another frightened scientist. Climb down, turn off the power at the end of the hallway and climb up t 
Friendly Fire
1. The office area is loaded with aliens. Use grenades, satchels, and rockets that can take out more than one enemy at once, and make your way to an office upstairs with a hole in the ceiling.
2. Above the ceiling you\'ll find a small walkway with a broken bridge. Jump the bridge, open the doorway, and make sure you have some long-range weaponry when you turn the corner.
3. If you peek around the corner quickly, you\'ll see a large electrified pool of sludge guarded by two Hornet Shooters. The bridge leading across the sludge is broken, and you\'ll need to take out the Shooters quickly or the hornets will finish you off quick.
4. Behind one of the Shooters is a large pile of explosive crates. Blow them up as quickly as possible with a long-range weapon, which will take out the first alien. Quickly turn your attention to the second Shooter and take him out with anything you\'ve got. Once you\'ve dispatched of the aliens you can try on to find a way across the sludge.
5. Two electrified cables are above. Shoot out the crystals on the left wall, which will cause a chain reaction cutting the power allowing swing from cable to cable and make your way to the other side and around the catwalk.
6. Ride the short elevator and to meet Houndeyes. Climb up the girders outside to the surface, and you\'ll meet a Medic with a plan: There\'s a transit system nearby, which should take you to an extraction point at Lambda sector but the door is sealed.
7. Don\'t open the other door. There\'s a Security Turret behind it that can be taken out fairly easy from the other side. Instead, climb in a nearby vent. When you turn the corner watch and hear the two persons talking in front of you.
8. This will mark the entrance of the Black Ops Special Forces and they are tough. Use your best weapons against them. If you have played Half-Life and have thought that Marines were little difficult wait till you fight these guys.
9. To fight the Black Ops and you\'ll need to use plenty of grenades and long range weapons. Make sure you always have plenty of cover and retreat outside to let the Medic heal you if necessary.
10. Now that the Black Ops have arrived make the following changes in your strategy. First save your MP5 Grenades and Ammo. Second don\'t rush into any area else the Black Ops will surround and slaughter you.
11. Once you\'ve cleared out all the Black Ops, raise one of the garage doors to reveal a badly hurt Engineer. Leave him for the moment. Return outside, but this time look for a boarded-up door in the hangar [the one that I told you not to open]. You see the Security Turret and the Laser Trip Mines [activated] surrounding it. Lob in a grenade or shoot the emitters to take out the turret.
12. Go outside and bring the Medic to the Engineer, using the doorway you just cleared, and the Medic will heal the Engineer. Bring them both outside, where the Engineer will then blowtorch the door leading to the transit system open. At this point, you should decide if whether you want to keep your engineer alive or not.
13. There is another turret that will rip right through the engineer [unless you shoot it with an MP5 grenade]. If you\'re fast enough, you\'ll both take some damage but you can use the Medic to heal you both. Continue through the passageway and lob a grenade ahead to clear Laser Trip Mines in your way.
14. Going around the corner, you\'ll meet more Marines with one wielding an M-249 SAW [check weapon\'s info]. The two soldiers are very nervous, and are looking for a transit car. You are in for a tough battle with the Black Ops and stand between you and a switch opening the doorway to the transit system.
15. Attacking the Black Ops here is very tricky. The special forces extremely hard to kill. Make sure that you are not between them and the Marines in the shootout. Once the battle is over press the switch and kill the Marine with the M249 SAW [he may accompany you ahead but the M249 is a very good weapon].
16. Once the door is open walk along the side path and combat with more Black Ops forces. Be sure to toss Grenades before entering any new area. They are well hidden so don\'t rush in. At the end of the track you\'ll find a transit car. Back it up till it\'s positioned in front of the fork in the track then shoot the switch to change the track and move the car up to the door.
17. Up the stairway is a switch that opens the door for the car to go through. Flip the switch and retrace your steps to drive the transit car through the now open passageway.
18. When you reach the end of the track kill a few more Black Ops then find a small office with a hole in the ceiling. Maneuver a nearby crate and barrel to climb into the ceiling and exit into a hallway in the Lambda lab complex.

\"We are not Alone\"
1. Upon starting the episode, you\'ll hear a scientist calling out to someone telling him to hurry before the portal closes. Even if you run very fast you\'ll only catch a glimpse of the scientist when he jumps into the teleporter.
2. Deal with the aliens there then head around the teleporter, as the catwalk collapses making a ramp with the teleporter at the top. Run up the ramp and jump into the teleporter.
3. You are teleported to a platform on Xen. To return back the teleporter at the end of a series of ledges must be used. Some of the ledges have in-built jump-pads. The jumps are tough so save after each one.
4. The first jump puts you in view of the scientist [who has just teleported here]. But he is dead so jump over and pick up the Displacer Gun [check weapon\'s info] next to him.
5. If you use its Alt Fire now you will be teleported to the Hazard Course [remember the training course of Half-Life] where a bewildered Vortigaunt is swiping at the holographic trainer. Climb up the side of the room and break the window to enter the observation area. Use the health replenishment station to heal yourself. There is a teleporter there that sends you back to the platform.
6. From here look up to spot Houndeyes on a ledge high above. You need to reach the ledge next to them. To reach there run onto the jump-pad in the direction of the ledge. Its power should take you there.
7. Once on the platform reaching the teleporter is easy. It teleports you to an underwater lab.

Crush Depth
1. This level has is a teleporting festival. But don\'t worry its not like the Level B puzzle of Lambda Core in Half-Life. You have to do a lot of swimming here too from airlock to airlock. You appear in a rubble-filled hallway next to an elevator. Hop in the elevator and go down.
2. Exit from the elevator, turn right and continue till you find a scientist in an underwater tank. First listen to him then shoot the aliens by the control panel then use the panel to teleport him back to the lab. Lead him back around the hallway and make him open the first security door.
3. There\'s a second security door after this and a Bullsquid on the way next to three small water tanks. Don\'t open the second security door, as the scientist will be electrocuted before he can get the door open. Kill the Bullsquid and climb up the ladder in the empty water tank.
4. At the top of the ladder some aliens are waiting. More will burst through a hole in the wall at the far end. Make your way through the ceiling to a vent, climb in and drop down into the next lab room.
5. In the middle of this room is another teleporter. Walk in and press the button. The teleporter will misfire a few times and chunks of debris into the water but finally teleport you.
6. Underwater find the open vent and climb in and up and emerge in a darkly red lit room. There are zombies here. Enter the small vent at the end and finally drop down through a few grates into the water below. Find the ladder climb onto the small dock.
7. Inside make your way down to a small crank. Turn the wheel and you\'ll see a grate in the water open that frees an Icthyosaur. Now go back to the dock.
8. Dive into the water and go through the newly opened vent [watch out for the Icthyosaur]. Make your way to the end of the vent and close the airlock. The water drains out and you to breathe again.
9. The other door in the airlock opens into a decontamination room. If you press the button here but it will only misfire and explode. Enter the hallway [it\'s electrocuted] and shoot out the electrical box at the far end to cut the power.
10. A few aliens and a Shock Trooper will appear as you head around the decontamination shower. Pick up the Shock Rifle. In the airlock press the button to open the door and walk down the walkway into the teleporter.
11. You are teleported to Xen where you can make a small jump and teleport back to another airlock. Press the button to open the door.
The door at the other end of the hallway is locked but the walkway and glass beneath has been shattered. Climb through the hole in the glass into the water then swim up to the vent in the underwater ceiling. Break the grate open and climb out into a small cave.

Vicarious Reality
1. In the small underground tunnel make your way around to a steel beam and go up avoiding the hanging electrical wire overhead.
2. There are Headcrabs on the other side. Jump onto the small ledge then onto the catwalk around the next hallway to emerge in a small, dark and curved hallway that overlooks an alien habitat. At its end is a locked door where aliens teleport in behind you breaking the glass. Kill them and jump through the broken window.
3. Down in the alien habitat an open doorway leads to a small lift. Quickly run to it [shut the door behind you if possible]. When it rises the door before you will open. Get ready.
4. As soon as you emerge a huge zombie charges. Take him out [Headcrabs too are prwoling about]. Two doors exit this room. One is the previously locked one that heads back to the observation area. Take the other one.
5. Make your way to the elevator shaft going around the hallway. Break the glass and climb in. Climb out onto the roof and then go up the ladder in shaft.
6. At the top drop to the small ledge and look down. There\'s another elevator opening with a broken door providing a small platform to jump on [save before trying this]. Jump down and enter the upper hallway.
7. At fork one path leads to an elevator going down and the other to a door blocked by a yellow construction sign. Take the elevator down. Get off the elevator and make your way past some rubble, through a doorway and past some aliens overlooking another alien habitat.
8. In the habitat floor there is another door [shoot out the glass] and work your way around the habitat, drop down and head through the door. Use the small lift to go up.
9. The three glass tanks holding alien specimens. The third is broken and the specimen is on the floor. Its not a living alien but a Spore Gun [check weapons info]. Go through a small curved hallway and through the door. Head through another door to meet Houndeyes. The room with some glass panels overlooks a red room filled with barnacles.
10. Press the button in front of the glass and a hologram of a scientist will appear. He explains that they\'ve devised a grapple out of a barnacle that attaches itself to organic matter. In the next room, grab the Barnacle Grapple from the broken glass case.
11. In the Specimen Cultivation Room. You see greenish substance growing all over the walls [this is actually ammo for the Spore Gun]. You\'ll need the Grapple to cross it. Watch out for the three Bullsquids. Stock up ammo for the Spore Gun at this point [It regenerates every few seconds].
12. In the red room Barnacles hang everywhere. Kill the Headcrabs in the room then exit the room via the other side avoiding the Barnacles. Take the small lift up to a room with a few aliens. The elevatorto your right leads to health and ammo and so do the stairs on the left. Take the left door to yet another habitat.
13. This one has two large Tentacle Monsters [remember Half-Life]. Use grenades to distract them then walk quietly or crouch down and move around the ledge till you are safe. Look up to see a hole in the wall near the alien plants are growing. Use the Barnacle Grapple to hoist yourself up and into the vent.
14. Cross the vent to a small room with a small radio. Listen to the message and then cut off the power [the switch is next to it]. This stops a fan blocking the vent exit. Smash the vent to climb in and continue till you fall.

Pit Worm\'s Nest
1. In the chamber filled with sewage, the airlock seals the door but look up to see the familar figure of the Marine overlooking the area. Soon after the airlock will open [I think he opens it] with a BullSquid behind it. Kill the squid, open the airlock and move on.
2. Avoid the slime on the other side of the door and climb the ladder.At the ugly scene grab all the weapons/ammo you can hold and continue to \"Black Mesa Waste Processing Area 3\". Inside is the big Pit Worm.
3. Note that this guy can see you and your weapons do not affecr him. Destroying him will be similar to the problem in Blast Pit from Half-Life. To go past him you will have to shoot the worm in the eye as it momentarily stuns him.
4. Open the door shooting him in the eye. When you can jump down to the first ledge and then the right. There are aliens here and one more round the bend of the broken ramp. At the bottom of the ramp is a locked door and under it some crates and a small vent opening.
5. Climb in the vent and cross it to emerge at a small control room that overlooks the Pit Worm. In the middle of the room is a panel marked \"Flush Toxic Waste\", and two switches labeled \'Gearbox\' and \'Valve\'\". To flush the waste [that\'s how you destroy the Worm] you have light both the switches.
6. Exit the room by the door marked \'02\'. Flip the switch to close the door behind you and open the door before you. Go around the bend and across the lower walkway before the Pit Worm. Descend the long ladder. Deal with the aliens to come to a sewage chamber loaded with crates.
7. Hop over the crates to the other side to a small lift. Ride the lift up continuing to a small room overlooking the chamber. Press the button there to activate walls that close together to crush the boxes. Return to the narrowed chamber to find a vent in the floor.
8. Break the grate and drop down into the sewage. Make your way to an override switched marked \'Gearbox\'. Hit the switch flood the room with sewage. Go back the way you came and swim out as the sewage rises. Return all the way back to the control room the \'Gearbox\' light should be on.
9. Go out the door marked \'03\'. Fight the aliens and climb upward till you arrive at the ledge to the right of the Pit Worm. On this ledge is a switch marked \'Steam Vent\'. Hit it and quickly get out for the Pit Worm attacks.
10. Save now, as this is tricky. The pressure valve is on a ledge to the left of the worm. Shoot the Barnacle Grapple to latch on the organic matter above it and swing to it from the front of the Pit Worm. Hit the worm in the eye to distract him when make your move. But do it quickly.
11. Open the pressure valve and drop down onto the ledge then return to the main control room quickly. Both the Gearbox and Valve lights should be on now else you missed something. Hit the switch and flush the Pit Worm.
12. Now you can climb around and jump to the far walkway from either of the side ledges. You can just make your way to the main control panel that overlooks the area. Use the bridge control and cross it.

Foxtrot Uniform
1. This level and the next are both worth being called the best levels of the entire game with loads of combat especially with Black Ops. Let them and the aliens fight it out in most places.
2. On the catwalk over the water shoot Bullsquid from a distance and head down to the end. At the end of the catwalk there is another Bullsquid to the right. Kill it and look up to see some more alien matter growing on the walls. Use the Barnacle Grapple to pull yourself up to the catwalk and make your way to a ladder going upward. Be prepared to fight.
3. In the large compound there are Black Ops everywhere. Run inside the orange storage with some M249 ammo and Satchel Charges. Toss them in front of the container opening. When the Black Ops come in blow them up. Lob a grenade at the Black Op manning a turret.
4. One of the stacked storage containers to the left is open to provide makeshift ramp to the next area. But first peek through the crates and snipe the enemies on the other side. Make sure that they don\'t notice you. Once you\'ve cleared them smash the crates and grab the goodies.
5. Crawl into the small hole at the end. On the other side are two Marines who are having problems with the Snipers in the next area. This next area is wired with explosive crates and trip mines and any explosion sends the entire base up in smoke so be very careful.
6. When you exit your buddies look up to the right to see a sniper tower there. Shoot MP5 grenade at the Sniper. There are more Black Ops here but the Marines should help. There are more Snipers in the other towers.
7. Below the mesh area at the top of that building is doorway and at the top is a Black Op with an S40A Sniper Rifle [check weapons info]. This baby has a half-mile sniping range. Climb back down and hug the right wall to find a pathway.
8. As soon as you round the corner two Black Ops will come. Take them out quickly for there are quite a few ahead. Slip through the crack into the next area.
9. Watch the big battle between the Black Ops and the aliens. Take out the survivors. Next to the truck is a ladder leading to the sewers.
10. In the sewers turn on your night vision. It\'s ugly ahead. There is a mess of nasty spiders [pals of the Gonarch Spider from Half-Life] down here, and you\'ll need every bit of ammo you have to take them out. Move slowly and try and lure them into traps. Use you haevy weapons. You need every bit. Surprisingly Snarks work very well down here.
11. Stay to the left to find a wall with a pipe running along the top. Use it to exit the area. You\'ll see a light at the end of the tunnel. Emerge at the ladder leading out of the water.
12. Don’t stop to fight the aliens for their incoming flow never ends. Run to the end of the ledge where aliens are emerging and flip the switch to close the door. Run to the other side and flip the other switch to close the second door. This stops the incoming flow. Break the crates in the corner for rockets.
13. Lure the spiders out of the tunnel back into the area with the water and again use your heavy weapons against them. Now head into the tunnels and head left and to arrive at the bottom of a grating with a few Marines on top.
14. Stand back as the engineer blowtorches the grate to allow you out. Climb up, listen to the squad members as they tell you about the aliens outside and some standoff at the dam up ahead. You have with you a soldier, an engineer and a medic.
15. Outside this bunker are hordes of aliens whom you have to face till the end of this area. Start by going left around the crates and head to the right and then hug the left wall and move forward. There are many enemies about. Retrun back regularly to have the medic heal yourself and your troops if necessary. But make sure to keep the medic alive.
16. Turn right and head for the \'Secure Access\' doors. There is an opening here for you to slip through [use your night vision]. Head forward to meet an old buddy.
17. You hear sounds of a battle ahead. Outside few Marines fighting a Gargantua who is tied up on a dam [you crossed it in Half-Lfie at the beginning of Surface Tension]. The area has taken much more damage since then with alien plants growing on its walls.
18. There are Health and HEV stations on the wall. Use the Barnacle Grapple to hook onto one of the alien plants on the far wall and pull yourself over. Make sure that you pick up a plant over dry land to avoid falling in water.
Kill the aliens attacking the Marines then press the plunger at the entrance to the dam. The fuse will light and explode at the Gargantua\'s feet, blowing him up and opening a huge hole in a pipe below. Jump into the water and enter the new tunnel.

The Package\"
1. The second of the two best episodes this level also takes you closer to the conclusion. Loaded with fighting against the Black Ops this one promises to be thriller for any player.
2. You won\'t be able to get out via the first grate you pass but can use the second one. Climb out of the vent into a pool of sewage. But before you do turn around and look up to see a dead marine on a ledge beside a shotgun and ammo. The two Marines who are very anxious about the situation. Listen to their story then follow them as they run off.
3. At the small water body there are lots of Black Ops and also a Black Op manning a turret. But he can easily be taken out with the Sniper Rifle. There are Black Ops underwater as well so don\'t just run through or you and your mates will be ambushed. There are Ops around the downed Apache in the water. Take the path directly behind it.
4. Head through the narrow rock clearing to come to an open area. First take out the Black Op manning the Mortar Cannon with your Sniper Rifle. This makes your remaining job easier else he will slaughter you the moment you have to stand still.
5. First you have to reach the entrance of the\'Ordinance Storage Facility\' at the rear right end of the canyon. Pick up the rocket launcher, next to the crate, in the center of the canyon, along the way and fight the Black Op in the room.
6. On the radio a Marine says, \"Adrian, is that you? My squad is pinned down by a group of Black Ops\" They open the bunker doors for you which are on the other side of the canyon you entered this room from.
7. Make your way across to the left side of the canyon where the bunker doors have been opened. There are Black Ops now outside and will make it difficult for you. But it will be possible if you took out the one manning the Mortar Cannon earlier.
8. Once in the bunker doors you see that the Marine who talked to you is dead. Pick up the M249 ammo and hop around the boxes around the perimeter of the room till you can climb down into the space next to the long red pipe.
9. At the end of the space you emerge at the bottom of a stairway. Black Ops are everywhere. At the top of the stairs go either way. To the right is a room with all crates of goodies and Black Ops while left leads to the roof. Its good to try and pick up the goodies as there are few Ops.
10. On the roof is a cannon. To your left is a huge wall. Activate the cannon then first shoot the wall then the aliens that appear. Head through the door.
11. There is a huge spider here. Keep your distance and use whatever you have [he is one tough son of a gun].
12. Ahead you emerge into a rubble-filled base with aliens to your left and right. Take out the alien on the left first for an Apache circling overhead attacks the one on the right. Don\'t think that it is on your side. Turn on your night vision and run across the darkened bunker. There\'s an alien inside so take him out.
13. Climb up the ramp and wait until you can get a clear shot at the Apache with the RPG. Once you have the helicopter out of the way make your way past the overturned truck [there are power cells inside] and climb the ladder.
14. You need to reach the roof to your left but it\'s too high and the cable leading across is electrified. Hop on the vents to make your way across the roof and down the ladder and finally under the orange door. In the rubble is a door to a small room with a power switch. Flip the switch and head back up to the roof.
15. You can now make your way across the wire to the other side. Head across and run around to the open ventilation shaft. Drop down into a parking garage with aliens. There is M249 ammo and health in the booth. There are more aliens and another Spider down the ramp.
16. Across the garage you\'ll see an SUV beneath a vent shaft. As soon as you head that way Black Ops drop down. Take them out.
17. Behind the SUV are a few crates with goodies. Climb up the SUV into the vent and talk to the Security Guard there who tells you that the Black Ops have a bomb and are planning on blowing up the base. You don\'t have much time. Head around into a dark corner of the vent.
18. Beyond the vent more Black Ops attack. Try to open the door that Barney has barricaded himself behind. He\'s upset, and says he\'s not opening the door till someone turns off the bomb.
19. To the left is an open gate. Slip through and get your Sniper rifle ready. At the far end is a truck, with two Black Ops arming a bomb. You can easily snipe at them. Now hop onto the truck and de-activate the bomb with your use key. Head back around to Barney who lets you in. He explains about the Black Ops downstairs. Grab all the much ammo you can hold, hop on the elevator and ride it down.

World\'s Collide
1. At the bottom of the elevator is a huge warehouse with crates being loaded on a conveyor and Black Ops everywhere. There are Snipers here too. Kill all you can and move forward by hugging the left wall.
2. Now get your Displacer Gun ready for you find a large group of Black Ops clustered together and good shot can take out a number of them.
3. Continue along the conveyor belt, cross over at the end and climb up the boxes there. At the far end, you can drop down to the left towards its beginning. Time this right to duck in and out from alcove to alcove to reach the next area.
4. Shoot the Black Ops above you then ride the elevator platform to your right upward. Keep going forward and right till you come to a series of boxes, crates and other assorted items forming a convenient stairway upward.
5. At the top area move to the opening at the right slowly and have a peek below to see a tremendous battle between Black Ops and aliens. Let the battle finish before you move any further.
6. There are few crates in front of you. Jump from crate to crate moving across the warehouse room from above. Attack the remaining enemies from this lofty position. Drop down and open the large door but first make sure that there are no enemies below.
7. Shut the door behind you and listen to Barney. He tells you that there\'s a huge alien downstairs and it\'s very nasty. Stock up on all the weapons and ammo you can and ride down the moving platform for the final battle.
8. The area below has some gravity problem but don\'t worry. Open the door and before entering observe this area [the scene of the final battle].
9. Note the following things: A rope to climb to the upper level, a healing pool in the far corner, two catwalks in the bigger room on either side of a large stage [with mounted guns on each side], some alien plants above the left catwalk and a pit below that you don\'t want to fall into. Man the gun on the right catwalk and wait.
10. Eventually the Final Boss emerges from the portal. Keep aiming for his right eye for whenever you hit him the monster convulses a little. At this point scramble to the left catwalk and use the other cannon.
11. Now shoot the Boss\' left eye. He will go completely berserk and a hole in his stomach open to reveal a portal and a Shock Trooper will emerge from it. Keep firing the cannon into the portal before the Trooper arrives.
12. Of course stay clear of the Boss\' breath and his swings. Once the Trooper appears run to the rope area and kill him then use the pool to heal yourself before returning.
13. To defeat the Final Boss you must unload as many rounds from the cannon as possible. You will have to go repeat the above cycle many times. But beware for as he gets more violent he will cause the room to collapse. As a result the catwalk connecting the left and right sides will break. You now have to use the Barnacle Grapple to jump over. But keep pounding at the center portal for it’s the only way.
14. Finally the Boss will retreat inside the portal and you have won the game. Enjoy the conclusion cinematic.

Avatar billede tommyf Nybegynder
09. november 2000 - 17:30 #4
Det er denne sidste del du skal bruge:

9. Note the following things: A rope to climb to the upper level, a healing pool in the far corner, two catwalks in the bigger room on either side of a large stage [with mounted guns on each side], some alien plants above the left catwalk and a pit below that you don\'t want to fall into. Man the gun on the right catwalk and wait.
10. Eventually the Final Boss emerges from the portal. Keep aiming for his right eye for whenever you hit him the monster convulses a little. At this point scramble to the left catwalk and use the other cannon.
11. Now shoot the Boss\' left eye. He will go completely berserk and a hole in his stomach open to reveal a portal and a Shock Trooper will emerge from it. Keep firing the cannon into the portal before the Trooper arrives.
12. Of course stay clear of the Boss\' breath and his swings. Once the Trooper appears run to the rope area and kill him then use the pool to heal yourself before returning.
13. To defeat the Final Boss you must unload as many rounds from the cannon as possible. You will have to go repeat the above cycle many times. But beware for as he gets more violent he will cause the room to collapse. As a result the catwalk connecting the left and right sides will break. You now have to use the Barnacle Grapple to jump over. But keep pounding at the center portal for it’s the only way.
14. Finally the Boss will retreat inside the portal and you have won the game. Enjoy the conclusion cinematic.
Avatar billede laserzap Nybegynder
10. november 2000 - 17:09 #5
Ok. Kan i dele pointne mellem jer ???
Jeg er lige kommet igennem det !
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